[4] A Home Showing is a critical necessity for buying or selling

By Ed Westerman, Broker

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One day while planning a home showing I thought of the many issues that can evolve from careless participants in a showing.  Sales can be lost.

I even once considered writing a book “Home Showing Etiquette.”  If I did the items below would be a small part of its contents.  Actually a Home Showing should be designed, narrated, and choreographed for “selling the home.”  Buyers, sellers, and real estate agents might want to review this before the showing.

No No’s [mistakes] to avoid while at a Home Showing

  1. It is best not to bring a guest; only buyer family and buyer/seller agents.
  2. If you do bring your children, watch them; they should not be touching sellers things.
  3. No pets; don’t bring you dog no matter how well behaved it may be.
  4. Raining, misting, or snowing; don’t go in without wiping your feet.
  5. Don’t be chewing gum or eating or drinking anything while in the home.
  6. No smoking or vaping inside any home you are viewing.
  7. This is not a pit-stop; no using the bathroom in the home you are seeing.
  8. Don’t sit on any of the beds.
  9. Don’t sit down on anything anywhere in the home unless you are invited.
  10. Don’t try to set or even touch the thermostat.
  11. Remember wall have ears so be very careful what you say.

Being professionals we will treat the sellers and their home with respect and we must remember there is a “sale” on the line here.  It is too soon to take possession, no matter how much you like the house.

Buyers, you will put your search and buy experience into success mode when you call me; I will work for you as “your buyer’s agent”.  You are not required to pay me; I get paid from the seller’s agent.  I can save you loads of time.  I will guide you thru every step; quickly but carefully.

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