Serving all of SW Missouri


Serving all of SW Missouri

Credit Scores

[7] FICO Score 9 may help those dealing with medical bills

Many times over the past years I have personally been involved with prospective home buyers and renters who were dealing with credit issues brought on by unexpected medical bills. Many hard-working, prudent Americans around the country are struggling to deal with this financial setback. Sudden and unexpected medical costs can devastate otherwise responsible people.

[6] “Must Do NOW” priority items to fix before selling

What you do or what can you leave undone can have dramatic affect on the sale. Some of these items obviously need to be first on your list to make your home sellable. Many sellers just list as is and hope for the best. These days, buyers are more prepared and therefore will demand more from a house they choose to review.

[5] Home buying; planning ahead

Developing a buying plan gives you confidence and reduces stress.

• Start a Saving account specifically for a home purchase.
• Get your credit in order
• How much home can you afford?
• Create a list of desired “features”
• Where would you like to live?
• Get Ready to be Prequalified
• Use an experienced Buyers Agent


[4] A Home Showing is a critical necessity for buying or selling

One day while planning a home showing I thought of the many issues that can evolve from careless participants in a showing. Sales can be lost.
A Home Showing should be designed, narrated, and choreographed for “selling the home.” Buyers, sellers, and real estate agents might want to review this before any showing.

[3] What do Lenders look at when you apply for a home loan?

In today’s loan world, lenders will review your current credit report which shows your credit records past and present. The Lenders will look at all your payment history showing any current as well as delinquent payments. They will examine past dues carefully. Some items stay in your records from seven to ten years. Your past record, as well as your current credit score, will be used by the Lender determine what they might expect from you in the future.